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At the moment, ReferAlong is on pause. The ReferAlong team is currently re-evaluating how we can improve our product. We'd like to say thank you to all of the referrers, employers, and applicants who participated in our trial period. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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What is ReferAlong?

ReferAlong is a social job board for both job seekers and referrers. Referrers share jobs with people in their network who may be qualified potential applicants. If the referred applicant is hired, the referrer, applicant, and other individuals in the referral chain equally share the job’s bonus.

  Referrals were the largest source (24.5%) of external hires in 2012.   A referred candidate is estimated to be 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired.
Source: Career XRoads "Source of Hire: Perception Is Reality" report (2013)

How does it work?

Whom is ReferAlong for?

Search and apply for jobs on ReferAlong

Like other job boards, you can search and apply for jobs posted on ReferAlong. But on ReferAlong, you can enhance your job hunt in another way — refer contacts to jobs. You could share a bonus with friends!

A friend referred me. What does this mean?

A friend referred you because he or she thinks you and your background may be a great match for this job. Take a second look at the position and apply, or refer it to friends who may also be a match!

Help jumpstart your friends’ careers

Think a friend needs a new job or career change? Put an end to the career slump, and get their career back on pace by browsing our listings and finding jobs they’d be a great fit for. Refer jobs to notify them of these opportunities.

Earn a well-deserved bonus with friends

You and others who referred the job to a hired applicant receive an equal share in the bonus. Everyone wins, so go ahead and share the good news. You may be one referral away from launching the next step in their career.

Job listings are free to post

Employers, jobs are free to post. Pay a commission and the bonus only when you hire a candidate through ReferAlong.

Undiscovered talent is only a few degrees away

A social network can be the best recruiting tool. The center of a network knows his or her contacts’ skills, experience, and interests best, plus what kind of position they’d be a great fit for.

Job sharing taps into multiple social networks

Efficiently tap into multiple social networks and increase your chances of finding the right candidate with social shares and ReferAlong. Get a multiplier effect across networks that spreads news about your jobs.

Reach both active and passive job seekers

Offering a bonus increases the number of shares and referrals, reaching both active and passive job seekers, who are more likely to act on referrals from their trusted contacts.

Definitely not your average job board

We are a social job board powered by referrals. We recognize the importantance of networks and connections and how often can lead to successful hires and careers.

Opening up bonuses to referrers too

Many companies already offer employee referral programs. Now we’re making these rewards even more accessible by opening them up across social and professional networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are jobs on ReferAlong referred and shared?

Users on ReferAlong share jobs with individuals or their network through Facebook, LinkedIn, email or a link to a job. Then their network can reshare jobs with other individuals or their own network, creating a multiplier effect across social networks that spreads the news about your jobs. Recruiters can also share their own jobs or others’ on Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is the bonus?

The bonus is a monetary reward for each successful hire through ReferAlong. The bonus amount is listed on each job description.

The reward is equally split between the hired applicant and the individuals in the referral chain. The share of the bonus each qualified individual receives varies on different factors such as the number of people in the referral chain.

How is the bonus amount determined?

The recruiter sets the bonus when posting a job. Almost all bonuses were between $500 to $1,000.

Who receives the bonus? How much do they get?

The bonus is the reward that is equally split among the referrers in the referral chain and the hired applicant. So, for example, if A refers a job to B, who shares it with C, and C is hired, A, B, and C split the bonus.

Who makes up the referral chain? Who is eligible for the bonus?

The referral chain is composed of the hired applicant and individuals who successively shared and notified the hired applicant of the job. Individuals who qualify for the bonus must also be registered and signed in to their ReferAlong account when they apply or refer the job in order for us to track your spot in the referral chain.

Users who apply or refer through (1) a method other than ReferAlong or (2) through ReferAlong when they are not registered and signed in to their ReferAlong account are not tracked and thus not eligible for the bonus.

Employees and their immediate families, including household members, of The Washington Post and its affiliates are also not eligible for a bonus.

What qualifies as a successful hire?

A successful hire occurs if an employer hires a candidate through ReferAlong and the candidate is still employed for 30 days after his or her first day on the job.

After a successful hire, the employer must pay the full bonus and commission and contact ReferAlong as soon as possible, and in any event within 10 days, after filling a position, whether through ReferAlong or otherwise.

ReferAlong will send an invoice for the bonus and commission amount that must be paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice.

When is the bonus awarded after a hire?

The hired candidate and referrers who qualify for a share of the bonus will be paid within 90 days of the hire. To receive a share of the bonus, they must provide certain information, including tax documents, requested by ReferAlong. If the applicant or a referrer does not provide this information within 30 days of ReferAlong’s request, he or she will no longer be entitled to his or her share of the bonus.

What are the fees and costs for posting a job on ReferAlong?

We follow a pay-per-performance model. Jobs are free to post; pay only when a hire is made through ReferAlong. Employers pay the bonus and a commission called the success fee, which is 50% of the bonus amount.